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GSO Test

Current Fundraising Activities (Spring Term 2022)

Pringles Tubes Recycling


           We have recently been accepted onto Terracycles’s scheme for 

           recylcing Pringles tubes.  This is a great way to recycle more and

           raise funds for the school.

           Please put empty Pringle Tubes (just the tubes please,

           not the plastic lids) into the grey wheelie bin (where

           you can also put Ferrero Rocher packaging for

           recycling, and donations of pre-loved school uniform). 



Our Big Blue Bin

Huge thanks to everyone who has been filling up our fabric bin! All clean fabrics can be put in the bin apart from rugs, duvet and pillows (duvet covers and pillow cases are fine).  There is a handy list of dos and don’ts on the side.  We’ll be arranging our next collection very soon.

 The clothes are sold wherever the market pays the best price – good condition clothes are sold second-hand in the UK and abroad.  Other fabrics are reused as dust sheets, rags and filling material.  More info is on the Kids Just Recycle website at 


 The bin will help us raise money for the school and to help us all be more green by sending less fabric to landfill.

Ferraro Rocher Recycling

Our first shipment of packaging has been sent off!  (Feburary 2022).  This scheme keeps more waste out of landfill, raises funds and shows that we're an eco school.  Please put any packaging in the GREY wheelie bin by the garage and spread the word if you know anyone who eats Ferrero Rocher.